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Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance System is a collaborative effort of Nepal Research and Education Network (NREN), Center for Information and Communication Technology (ICT4D), Innovative Solution Pvt. Ltd. (Insol), I. Click Pvt. Ltd. (iClick), Public Health Concern Trust-Nepal (PHECT-Nepal), Nepal Disaster and Emergency Medicine Center (NADEM) and Innovative Data Solution Pvt. Ltd. (IDS). The system is designed to detect community spread of the disease, which will help the Government, Local Government and Communities to fight against the Corona outbreak. Nepal COVID-19 Surveillance System is an Information Technology based Surveillance System that provides a mobile app for self-assessment to know how likely he/she is infected by Corona Virus. The system suggests the person go for self-quarantine and ask for updating his/her health status continuously for 14 days. The system provides a dashboard for medical doctors/health workers to monitor the health status of a person under self-quarantine and registered into the system. The GIS-based mapping capacity of the system helps service providers to track the person in self-quarantine and delivering service at his/her door. The location-based system helps decision-makers, disaster management teams for strategic planning, and making decisions to address the issues in real-time. Mobile application for self-assessment of possible infection of Corona Virus is the key component of the system, the assessment result provided by the system mainly depends upon the decision rule deployed in the system. Our collaborating team has deployed the “Emergency Healthcare COVID-19 Triage Scale”, prepared by Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maharjan, MD, DM EM, Emergency Physician & Dr. Rashmisha Maharjan, MBBS based on data of “25 International Expert WHO Team Finding of Covid-19 Symptoms in China”. The system has been adopted by Kathmandu Metropolitan City to provide service to its citizens.